Garth Brooks once said to me

( Words / music by Dave West )
Thereís a lonely stretch of blacktop
Running right through this town
As another Texas sun is going down
And thereís twelve hundred miles behind me
That separate my home
Four days on the road and all alone

Itís been too long on this highway
On a road that just donít end
Itís an uphill climb in this cab in riding in
Donít always know just where Iím going
But I know where Iíve been
I keep eighteen wheels a rolliní - against the wind

Itís a strange kind of freedom most donít know
And a life thatís hard to understand
The things I do and the way I am
With the long white lines and the city limit signs
Lord knows Iíll never be alone
In three more days Iíll be home

Repeat Chorus

( Words / music by Dave West )
Call me a dreamer, thought the grass would be greener
So many nights I left you all alone
Thought that I could deceive her
Couldnít find a girl sweeter
Always there when Iíd finally get home
I took you for granted wasnít love like you planned it
You tried to tell me just where I went wrong
You gave me all of the right signs
Guess it never crossed my mind that youíd be just fine on your own

What was I thinkiní - I started believiní that Iíd hardly miss you were gone
I thought Iíd be just fine without you and Iíd find someone new
I guess I found out I was wrong
Cause I still miss the way that you loved me
And thatís a feeling that still burns so strong
So what was I thinkiní when I started believiní that Iíd hardly miss you were gone

The first night without you would be easy I knew
Cause I thought youíd call me by dawn
And say youíd been up all night crying
Thereís just no denying that even one night without meís too long
Youíd tried not to need me, even started to leave me but each time you came back somehow
Now itís three months, five days and nine hours without you
I should have heard something by now

Repeat Chorus

3. McKENZIEíS SONG (4:22)
( Words / music by Dave West )
Nineteen inches and eyes of blue
Born on April twenty two
At six a.m. gave my last name to you
A new beginning starts with her cry
But the tears are falling from my eyes
She couldnít be more perfect if she tried
I canít believe what God has given me
Forever bound together faithfully

Reflections of the child I used to be
An innocence that now depends on me
So donít you ever wonder how strong a
Daddyís love can be McKenzie
Iíll be there beside you
You can always count on me

Her Daddyís eyes and her Mamaís nose
And auburn hair turned up in bows
An angel in my heart and in my soul
A rocking chair helps her drift to sleep
She fights the tears as she looks at me
Thereís no where else on earth Iíd rather be

As long as thereís a breath in me I swear
Count on me anytime and anywhere

Repeat Chorus


( Words / music by Dave West )
Itís amazing what you can do to me
You canít imagine the way you make me feel
And it sure ainít easy giving back the key to your front door
And leave me holding just your memory

And you wonít see it, these tears coming down
On a lonely flight from Dallas headiní back to our hometown

And girl I still donít understand it, I thought this love would never end
And now youíre talking like old lovers could learn to be good friends
Before you leave me thereís something you should know
That Iíll miss the times together
I gotta find a way to learn to let you go

Our love just slipped away but your memory came to stay
Iíll learn to love again I know it just takes time
But for now Iím lonely as I slowly lose my mind
Iím letting go a little more and more each day

You wonít see it these tears down my face
I miss everything about you
No one can take your place.

Repeat Chorus

Sometimes love gets lost and itís never found
I liked it best, girl, when you were still around.

Repeat Chorus

( Words / music by Dave West )
Was headiní back to Lubbock - on my way from San Antoine
Driviní fast, itís so damn late
this endless Lone Star Interstate
She always tried to hide it
but she hated me away
Sheís waited long enough I know,
and sheís finally got the nerve to tell me

Boy Iím leavin Lubbock thatís all she told me on the phone
Your little boys packed all his toys, weíll both be gone before youíre home and
Thereís nothing left between us, donít want to live my life this way
and moviní on sheís got that right
Sheís leaviní Lubbock Texas tonight

I shouldíve seen it coming, guess it hit me by surprise
Itís hard to say when she let go - She never cared much for this rodeo
I believe I was foolish, I left her home alone too long
I swear this time Iíd walk away
If I could find a way to change her mind

Repeat Chorus

( Words / music by Paul Davis )

( Words / music by Dave West )
Four in the morning I couldnít sleep at all last night
Itís been a year since you passed on
Was thinkiní about you and all the ways you changed my life
Wish I was there when things went wrong

Cause I got so much to tell you
Things I never got to say before you left me and spread your wings to fly
And I hear thereís angels high above us - So I know youíll be all right
Cause Dad Iím really missing you tonight, Dad Iím really missing you tonight

You lived your life your own way - never could take my advice
Never heard a word Iíd say
But you always stood beside me, gave so much in many ways
and you gave a gift I know I canít repay

Repeat Chorus

Somewhere down the road weíll meet again
Itís great to see a long lost friend

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