Garth Brooks once said to me

Well hello again; Thanks for taking the time to listen to this new CD and new music; it has been a few years since the last CD " Love Again" was out and a lot has inspired what you hear on this disc; I worked with some of the best musicians and production folks in Nashville Tennessee you could ever find and for that I am most grateful; Kent Wells and 2 Monkeys Productions, with David Smith; Pat Murphy; Allan Morgan; and Benny Quinn at Master Fonics thanks so much for your expert advice in recording and use of your excellent studio; what a great place to make music! I was also so very lucky to play my own guitar parts with the greatest musicians and they are; Jimmy Mattingly-Fiddle / Mandolin (special thanks for putting me in touch with these guys) you always sounded great when you play with Garth Brooks and Steve Wariner! Also Chuck Tilley-drums, Paul Hollowell -piano / b3 / synth, Kent Wells-guitar, Bruce Watkins-guitar (the guitarist behind all of Allan Jacksons hits!), Steve Hinson-steel guitar and John Howard-bass guitar; I was also very fortunate to have 2 terrific background vocalists on this project, Christine Winslow (I look forward to hearing your upcoming projects!) and David Slater who was one of the winners of the original national star search competition and has had some terrific CD's of his own; Thank you and great job to all of you!

Thank you to Scott and Kellie Spencer for doing such a wonderful job with the photographs for this project, I appreciate your effort and I love the results of the CD pictures! Thanks to Liz Rainey for her work on this website. A special thank you is to Melissa, Mike and Beth Heck! Melissa sang with me on a duet song Meet Me In Montana, one of my favorite songs and she sang the most beautiful lead and harmony I could have ever asked for; you are a great talent and I look forward to listening to future performances from you; I also appreciate the fun times with our little local band 'second opinion' and the guys Dr. Jeff Swetnum; Dr. Dan Duzan, Mark Williams, Jeff Mclain, and Joe Delaney, what a pleasure it is to get away from medicine with you guys and play those crazy gigs! Thank you for your friendship! To all the girls who keep my orthopedic practice stable! Tammy; Michelle; Lori; Ginger; Kim; Sherry; Thank you for keeping everything under control especially while I am away! Stefanne, Mitch and Mckenzie, it has been a wonderful journey and thank you for all the love and support you have given to me and allowing me to chase this crazy dream, of music and medicine; what a crazy life!

 To Mom, Greg and Michelle, Mike and Kelly and Abby and my newest nephew, Cole, I love you all; finally since the last CD my father Max West passed away and I miss him dearly; his picture is seen on the inside cover of this CD; one night shortly after his death I sat at my piano and wrote the song, ' Missing You (Song For Max)' in about an hour; it was just an amazing outpouring of emotions, I have always felt that when words fail music speaks! I hope you enjoy listening to that song as much as I did recording it;  "somewhere down the road we'll meet again”; please feel free to check out my webpage at and please let me know what comments you may have about this project; Thanks! See Ya Dave


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