A Lot of Lonely Highway
You're looking good is what I'll tell her
And how long has it been since I've laid eyes on you.
Then she'll probably cry and say that's alright, 'cause she's heard it before.
Now again tonight, I won't be gone very long,
Just to be strong,
You know you're always on my mind;
Cause when I'm away from you, girl,
there's nothing I can do,
But think of the way you love me like you do
I'll sleep alone without you tonight,
But we'll share the stars
And the same moonlight,
there's a lot of lonely highway
Between you and me tonight
Well life on the road it just ain't easy,
and sometimes it hurts like hell
To be alone, those flashing signs and the long white lines, well,
They bring me home to you.
and no highway's long enough to separate
our love, I know you feel the same way too.
[To Chorus]
I think of her waiting there alone, and don't you know her blue eyes are calling me back home.


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Leavin' Lubbock (Original Version)
Was headin' back to Lubbock,
on my way from San Antone.
Wond'ring now if it's too late,
driving back on 20 West Interstate,
I know she's tried to fight it,
but she hated me away,
Now she's waited long enough I know,
and she's finally found the nerve to tell me,


Boy, I'm leavin' Lubbock,
that's all she told me on the phone,
Your little boy's packed all his toys,
we'll both be gone before you're home,
There's nothing left between us,
don't wanna live my life this way,
There's no last chance to make things right,
she's leavin' Lubbock, Texas, tonight;

Well, I should have seen it coming,
I guess it hit me by surprise,
It's hard to say when she let go,
I know she never cared much for this rodeo.
And I believe I was foolish,
I left her home alone too long.
Now I'm the one who needs her now,
I've gotta try to make her stay somehow.

[Chorus and out]


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